Victoria Principal net worth

Victoria Principal net worth

Net Worth: $200 Million

About Victoria Principal

Victoria Principal net worth

Victoria Principal is a well known businesswoman, author and actress. All these three occupations of hers have added a lot to the overall size of Victoria Principal net worth, which has been reported to be as high as 200 million dollars. Talking about her as an actress, the show which made her a star in that industry has been “Dallas”. There, she appeared as Pamela Barnes Ewing. The show lasted between the years 1978-1987, thus, during such amount of time Victoria Principal net worth increased, as well.

Victoria Principal was born in 1950 in Japan. Her father was involved into military and as a result her family had to move a lot. Thus, Victoria Principal was living in different parts of the world, including Puerto Rico, London, Florida and Georgia. As a consequence, Victoria Principal also had to move from one school to another, and overall she changed schools 17 times. When her family was living in London, Victoria Principal was studying at the Royal Ballet School there.

When she was 5 years old, Victoria Principal also got involved into entertainment industry. At that time, she mainly appeared in various TV commercials.

After unsuccessful studies at university when she got involved into a car crash, Victoria Principal changed her priorities and decided to move to New York, where she aimed at studying acting.

In 1970, Victoria Principal settled in Hollywood, where she saw more opportunities to show her abilities in acting. What is even more interesting is that at that time she did not have any prior experience in acting, instead of that experience which she gained when appearing in TV commercials.

Nine months of living in Hollywood, she finally got an agent who represented her. In 1972, Victoria Principal appeared in a production of “The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean”. Her appearance there was praised by many critics and she was even nominated for a Golden Globe award. One year later, she appeared in “The Naked Ape”. In 1974, Victoria Principal got a role in “Earthquake”, which is a disaster movie well known all around the world. In 1977, she got a role on a TV show which made her a well known TV star, which was called “Fantasy Island”. Thus, overall, all these appearances also have added a lot to the overall size of Victoria Principal net worth. In addition to her work on TV, she is also a well known businessperson as well as a philanthropist.

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victoria principal net worth victoria principal net worth victoria principal net worth

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