Vijay Mallya net worth

Vijay Mallya net worth

Net Worth: $1.2 Billion

About Vijay Mallya

Vijay Mallya net worth

Vijay Mallya is one of the richest and powerful people in the world. It has been announced that the current Vijay Mallya net worth reaches 1.2 billion dollars. Vijay Mallya was born in 1955 in Karnataka and today he is known as one of the wealthiest people in India.

He is known as an industrialist. In addition to that, Vijay Mallya is a member of the India’s parliament. Thus, these two sources are regarded as two most important ones, which increase Vijay Mallya net worth by a mile.

In addition, Vijay Mallya is known as being in a close collaboration with the UB Group. Currently, he is known as a chairman of the company. The UB Group is a conglomerate in India, which takes a lot of interests, such as real estate, pharmaceuticals, brewing, distilling, biotechnology, engineering, information technologies and fertilizers. The company is one of the best known companies not only in India, but in the whole world, and it adds a lot of revenues to the overall amount of Vijay Mallya net worth.

Also, Vijay Mallya is known for his family relations. His father is Vittal Mallya, who is also involved into business and is known as an industrialist, as well.

In 1983, it was reported that a sudden demise was made by his father and, therefore, Vijay Mallya had to take over the company. At that time he was only 28 years old.
In West Bengal, Vijay Mallya was a student at La Martiniere for Boys school. There, he was elected to be House Captain in his last year of studies. After that, Vijay Mallya started studying at St. Xavier’s College in Kolkata. There, he was studying Commerce and got a Bachelor’s degree. When he was studying in this college, Vijay Mallya was also involved into his family business. After graduation, he became an intern at Hoechst in the United States.

Talking more about the company, which has brought millions of dollars to Vijay Mallya net worth, at the time of his father’s death, Vijay Mallya served as a Chairman of United Breweries. He wanted to modernize the company and he was the one who consolidated different companies into one big conglomerate, which was named the UB Group. However, he was still focused more on the production of beverages. Vijay Mallya is also involved into Kingfisher beer, which is known as having more than 50 percent of market shares of the Indian beer market.

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vijay mallya net worth vijay mallya net worth

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