Vince Gilligan net worth

Vince Gilligan net worth

Net Worth: $15 Million

About Vince Gilligan

Vince Gilligan net worth

It has been reported that the total estimate of Vince Gilligan net worth is 15 million dollars. He has accumulated this net worth through his careers as a producer, director and writer. Mostly, he is known for his work on TV. Productions on which he worked on TV include “The Lone Gunmen”, “Breaking Bad” and “The X-Files”. These productions have also added a lot to the total amount of Vince Gilligan net worth. In addition to these shows, Vince Gilligan has stated to work on two more shows, called “Better Call Saul”, which is a spin-off production of “Breaking Bad”, and “Battle Creek”, which is a police related drama.

Vince Gilligan was born in 1967 in Virginia. Vince Gilligan got interested into movie making when he got Super 8 film cameras. Thus, using this set, he began to create movies and the first one which he created was called “Space Wreck”. His brother was playing the leading part in this film. One year after he created this film, Vince Gilligan competed in the film competition at the University of Virginia, where he became a winner of his age group.

Thus, it was quite sure that he would achieve a lot in this industry, as it eventually also began to increase the overall amount of Vince Gilligan net worth.

When he was studying at New York University, Vince Gilligan wrote one of his first movies, which was called “Home Fries”. The script was later made into a movie. In fact, for this screenplay, he was awarded with the Virginia Governor’s Screenwriting Award, which was given to him in 1989. The judges of this award were quite impressed with his work and he was later mentored by one of the judges, Mark Johnson.

Vince Gilligan became well known when he began working on the TV series called “The X-Files”. The show aired on the Fox television and it became a huge hit worldwide. In fact, before he started working on this show, Vince Gilligan was a huge fan of it. The first script which he has written for this show was made into the episode called “Soft Light” of the second season of the show. Thus, working on “The X-Files” has also increased the overall amount of Vince Gilligan net worth.

Another show on which he worked and which added up revenues to his net worth has been “Breaking Bad”.

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