Ving Rhames net worth

Ving Rhames net worth

Net Worth: $16 Million

About Ving Rhames

Ving Rhames net worth

It has been stated that the current amount of Ving Rhames net worth is as high as 16 million dollars. He has earned his net worth as well as fame through his success as a Hollywood actor.
He was born in 1959 in New York City. When he finished his high school education, Ving Rhames began studying at the State University of New York Purchase, where he intended to get his degree in drama. It was also this time that he made friends with another actor, Stanley Tucci, who was also the one who invented his nickname, Ving. It is worth mentioning at this point that his real birth name is Irving Rameses Rhames.

In 1983, Ving Rhames became a graduate of Julliard School, where he was studying fine arts. In 1984, Ving Rhames debuted on Broadway, when he was chosen to appear in a play called “The Boys of Winter”. Since that time, Ving Rhames has become a well known movie and TV star, and this career has also added up to the overall sum of Ving Rhames net worth.

In the same year as he debuted on Broadway stage, Ving Rhames also appeared on his first movie, which was called “Go Tell It on the Mountain”.

In this movie, he was chosen for a part of Young Gabriel. Later, he mainly got small roles in various productions, such as “American Playhouse”, “The Saint of Fort Washington”, “Miami Vice”, “Homicide” and “Men”. These small roles gained him much needed experience in the TV land, as well.

In 1994, Ving Rhames appeared in a hit movie called “Pulp Fiction”, where he portrayed the role of Marsellus Wallace. In the same year as he appeared in the latter movie, Ving Rhames got a recurring part in the series called “ER”, where he was chosen for a role of Walter Robbins. He stayed on this show for two years and during this time, Ving Rhames net worth has increased, as well.

In 1996, he appeared in another hit movie called “Mission: Impossible”, where he got a part of Luther Stickell. One year later, Ving Rhames starred in “Don King: Only in America”. For his role in this movie, Ving Rhames was nominated for a couple prestigious awards, including an Emmy award. Thus, his career in cinema has not only increased the total estimate of Ving Rhames net worth, but also gained him some recognition in cinema industry.

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