Vladimir Putin net worth

Vladimir Putin net worth

Net Worth: $70 billion

About Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin net worth

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is one of the most prominent Russian politicians in modern history. He was first elected President of Russia in 2000 and served for two consecutive terms. During the period 2008-2012 Putin has been the Prime Minister of Russia, while Medvedev, his closest political partner, served as a President. After the four years break, that is required by the constitution of this eastern country, Vladimir returned to the office as a President again. Before his reelection in 2012 Putin was also the Chairman of the most influential Russian political party, United Russia. Although his official presidential salary is quite modest (Putin has publicly declared that he receives $187 thousand), according to some sources Vladimir Putin net worth amounts to $70 billion.
The current Vladimir Putin net worth seems even more impressive if you take into consideration that the future President was born in the especially humble family. His father received a modest salary for serving in a Soviet navy, while his mother worked in the local factory. The whole family sheltered in the small apartment in communal housing project.

It soon became clear that the boy has great ambitions and is determined to achieve more than his parents did. After earning a degree in law, Putin landed a job in KGB. He spent more than 15 years working in the same institution, slowly climbing his career steps. During this period Vladimir has resided as an agent in Germany.
It looks like Vladimir Putin net worth started to grow in the 1990s, when the future politician retired from KGB. Using his connections, he first assumed a position at the Committee for the External Relations, which worked for the Mayor of St. Petersburg. By the mid-1990s Vladimir was promoted to head the city administration. While still living in St. Petersburg he participated in the creation of Our Home Is Russia. This political party is widely considered to be the predecessor of United Russia. According to some political analysts, right from the start “Our Home Is Russia” was formed not as a real political party, but rather as a “power vehicle”, meant to support the government.
What are the reasons to think that the actual Vladimir Putin net worth amounts to $70 million? A lot of people believe that the president has used his power to buy a huge stakes in some of the most profitable Russian gas and oil companies. His fiercest critics claim that Vladimir has 4.5% stake at Gazprom, the natural gas company which currently holds a monopoly over half of Europe. Gazprom alone generates the annual revenue that amounts to $150 billion. Some claim that the president also holds a considerable stakes at Surgutneftegas and Gunvor. The revenue of these two companies is estimated at $80 billion and $20 billion respectively.

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vladimir putin net worth

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