Walmart net worth

Walmart net worth

Net Worth: $447 Billion

About Walmart

Walmart net worth

Walmart is a well known name for American people, who are familiar with this concept till their early childhood. Walmart is a multinational retail corporation, which is also known for international audiences. It has been reported that the current amount of Walmart net worth is as high as 447 billion dollars. The corporation is known to be popular due to running the most profitable discount stores and warehouse shops. In fact, Walmart is considered to be the second biggest public corporation.

Moreover, Walmart is known to be having more than 2 million employees which makes it to be the largest private employer, as well. Walmart is also known as the largest retail company in the world. Thus, there is no surprise, taking all these facts into consideration, that Walmart net worth is so high.

Walmart is also known as a business, which is owned by a family. Walton family is in charge of it and it is known as one of the wealthiest families not only in the United States, but also in the whole world. The family is known to owning more than 50 percent of the corporation. Walmart has also been recognized as one of the most valuable firms in the world.

In 1962, Walmart was established by Sam Walton. In 1969, Walmart was incorporated and in 1972 it was traded on the New York Stock Exchange. His basic headquarters are known to be in Arkansas. Talking about its position in the United States, Walmart is the largest grocery retailer in the country. This can also prove the huge Walmart net worth. Walmart is also known to be the owner of Sam’s Club Retail Warehouses, which are well known in North America.

In the end of the 1980s, Walmart turned from a regional to a national corporation. In 1988, Walmart was recognized as the company, which has brought the most profits. In 1989, taking into consideration its revenues, Walmart was recognized as the largest retailer, as well. Also, the current Walmart net worth also can prove that it still stays in this position.

In the 1990s, Walmart corporation expanded from one coast to another one of the United States, whereas initially it operated only in the South and Lower Midwest part of the United States. In 1989, the store of Walmart was opened in New Jersey and in 1990, the first outlet of Walmart was launched in California. Thus, every American is familiar with the concept of Walmart.

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