Walt Disney net worth

Walt Disney net worth

Net Worth: $5 billion

About Walt Disney

Walt Disney net worth

Walter Elias Disney, better known as Walt Disney, is a legendary American animator, film director, producer, screenwriter, entertainer, entrepreneur, voice actor and international icon, widely regarded as one of the most influential man in 20th century’s entertainment business. In 1923 Walter and his brother co-founded an enterprise, currently known as Walt Disney Company. As for 2010, its annual revenue amounted to $36 billion, placing Walt Disney Company among the most profitable motion picture production companies in the world. This fact goes a long way to explain why Walt Disney net worth is currently estimated at $5 billion. It would be hard (if not impossible) to find a person who does not know the character created by this man: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto and Goofy.
Walter was born in Chicago, in a family of Elias and Flora Call Disney, who was of English and German decent. His father was a Union Pacific Railroad worker. Dissatisfied with his miserable salary and affected by the “Gold Fever”, he once travelled to California in search for better life. As most of the man who dreamed about gold running in the rivers, he was unsuccessful.

Sadly, his fortune never came to equal 0.1% of the current Walt Disney net worth and for most of his life Elias had to rely on the financial support from his brother, Robert. When the future millionaire turned four, his family moved to live in Missouri, where Elias hoped to settle in a farm.
His talent and passion for drawing, the main sources of Walt Disney net worth, unfolded before the boy entered the primary school. He used to spend hours at the house of his neighbor and friend, a retired doctor, drawing his horses. Sherwood, that was the man’s name, adored Walt’s pictures and was even ready to pay for them. At the age 17 Disney landed the first job that was connected to his future career: he became a cartoonist for the local newspaper. At the same time the teenager was taking night classes at Chicago Art Institute. Following the end of the Second World War, Disney moved to Kansas where he continued career as a newspaper artist. Most of his drawings that dates back to those years can be classified as comics and political caricatures.
Walt Disney net worth growth gained momentum in the 1920s, as he became a co-founder of Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. The first original character created by this legendary animator was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Mickey Mouse, arguably the most popular of Disney’s personages, was born in 1928. Debuting with Steamboat Willie, Mickey went on to appear in more than 130 productions, including Brave Little Tailor, The Band Concert and Fantasia. The success of this character was huge enough for Disney to establish a name as one of the greatest animators in the country.

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walt disney net worth

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