Warren G net worth

Warren G net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Warren G

Warren G net worth

It has been stated that the total sum of Warren G net worth reaches 10 million dollars, as it has been shown by the current estimations. Warren G has earned his net worth because of his career in music, where he is both a rapper and a producer. In 1994, Warren G released his first single called “Regulate”, which became a huge hit and for this song he is known to many people. The single landed in the 2nd place in charts in the United States and it also placed well in other countries. The sales of the mentioned single have also added up to the total estimate of Warren G net worth.

Warren G was born in 1970 in Long Beach in California. When he was growing up, Warren G was already interested into music and he would usually listen to records own by his parents. Warren G was a fan of funk, soul and jazz music at that time. In 1990, Warren G formed one of his first bands, which was called “213”. In this band, he was joined by well known musicians of today – Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg. However, the band stopped performing when two members of the band got an opportunity to get signed to Death Row Records on separate contracts.

When he began his career as a solo rapper, Warren G worked with quite a few artists, such as 2Pac and MC Breed. In 1992, Warren G became recognized more and more when he appeared on a soundtrack for “Poetic Justice”. In music, Warren G has also collaborated with his stepbrother, who is also a well known rapper, Dr. Dre. Thus, collaborations have also increased the overall amount of Warren G net worth. In 1992, Warren G co-worked with Dr. Dre on the latter’s album called “The Chronic”.

After the release of the previously mentioned single “Regulate”, Warren G became an internationally known rapper. In 1994, Warren G released a highly successful album called “Regulate… G Funk Era” and the sales of it, no doubt, have added up to the total size of Warren G net worth, as well. The album was even certified as platinum three times by RIAA.

In 1997, the second album by the rapper was released, which was titled “Take a Look Over Your Shoulder”. Thus, the sales of it have also increased his financial situation. Thus, his career in music has made him a huge star in rap industry.

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