Wayne Brady net worth

Wayne Brady net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady net worth

Wayne Brady is one of the most comedians in the entertainment business. It has been estimated that Wayne Brady net worth is 10 million dollars. However, he is known not only as a comedian. Wayne Brady is also an actor, television personality as well as a singer. These three involvements also have added up to accumulating the current Wayne Brady net worth.

He started his career as a comedian and an actor, when in Florida he was a part of a community theater. Today, Wayne Brady is mostly known because of being a regular member of the TV show called “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” The show is known as an improvisational TV show. Initially, Wayne Brady was planning to become involved into military and did not consider an opportunity to get involved into show business at all. In high school, Wayne Brady discovered his skills in telling comedian material. Thus, at that point he immediately joined Orlando’s Sak Theatre. Therefore, his career in the acting industry started and it brought huge sums of money to Wayne Brady net worth.

His debut as an actor was in a production called “Raisin in a Sun”.

After this appearance, he got more and more chances to appear in other different productions.
Briefly, he stayed in Las Vegas. In 1996, Wayne Brady moved to live to Los Angeles, where he got many roles in TV productions as well as live on stage. In addition to him as a comedian, Wayne Brady has also appeared in some dramatic roles, including “In the Heat of the Night” and “I’ll Fly Away”. These appearances also increased the overall amount of Wayne Brady net worth. In 1998, Wayne Brady was even hired as the TV show host by VH1, where he hosted a show called “Vinyl Justice”.

When initially he appeared on the previously mentioned show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, he was hired to replace one member not on a regular basis. Eventually, he became one of the regular cast members and the show made him a huge star.

In 2001, his own show started to be airing, which was called “The Wayne Brady Show”. He did not only appear on it, but also served as a writer and producer of the show. However, his show was soon canceled but it did not stop him from being a huge star. He became so due to his down-to-earth attitude as well as amiable personality.

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wayne brady net worth wayne brady net worth wayne brady net worth

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