Wayne Newton plastic surgery

Wayne Newton plastic surgery

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Wayne Newton plastic surgery

Sometimes just by looking at the person we can easily decide if they have had a plastic surgery or not. If we are talking about Wayne Newton plastic surgery there is really no question, it is obvious that he have had numerous plastic surgery procedures. For those who don’t know, Wayne Newton is a famous Las Vegas singer – he has been performing here for over 40 years and has even gotten a nickname “Mr Las Vegas”.

Even though none of the Wayne Newton plastic surgery rumors have been confirmed, it is obvious that most of them are true. If we look at some photo comparisons, we can see that over the years his face is becoming more and more unnatural. The list of the surgeries that he has possibly gotten includes eye brow lift, numerous Botox injections, blepharoplasty and numerous face lift. Some people have noticed that Wayne Newton’s face is quite frozen, especially his forehead – this proves that he is no stranger to Botox injections.

Unfortunately, many people think that Wayne Newton plastic surgery is an example of surgery gone wrong. Some people have even jokingly called him a Joan Rivers brother, because both of them have unnaturally and “plastic” looking faces.

Also, people who have known Wayne Newton in his early years have said that now he now looks like a totally different person and they wouldn’t even recognize him if they didn’t know it was him. Now we can only wonder how he would have looked like if he would have decided to stay natural and age gracefully. Now Wayne Newton is over 60 years old, but we can’t really tell this from his face – it seems that his face has been altered way too much.

All in all, there is no doubt that most of the rumors regarding Wayne Newton plastic surgery are true. Even though these rumors have never been confirmed by singer himself, in this case everything can be seen just by looking at photo comparisons. Nowadays his face doesn’t look natural at all, but maybe that is what singer wanted – to smooth out the wrinkles and make his face as clear as possible. Despite his bad plastic surgery, he still has many fans who adore him for his talent and not for his looks. After all, every person has a right to choose what to do with their bodies and we shouldn’t judge anyone.

Did Wayne Newton Undergone Plastic Surgery

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