Wee Man net worth

Wee Man net worth

Net Worth: $12 Million

About Wee Man

Wee Man net worth

It has been announced that the total size of Wee Man net worth is as much as 12 million dollars. Wee Man is mostly known from TV screens, where he is appearing as both a TV host and an actor. Moreover, he is also a well known skateboarder. These all careers have added up to the total amount of Wee Man net worth.

He was born in Italy in 1973. Wee Man is mostly known to many people for his appearance on the MTV show called “Jackass”. In addition to that, he is also one of the hosts of the show related to skateboarding called “54321”. The show is airing on the Fox Sports Network. These shows are also one of the main sources of Wee Man net worth. In addition to his appearances on TV shows, Wee Man is also a professional skateboarder. As such, he has appeared in many productions related to “Jackass”.

Wee Man is also known to be diagnosed with some form of dwarfism. However, although he is short, Wee Man managed to achieve a lot in his skateboarding career, which even made him a popular TV show star. Other movies and TV shows in which he appeared are “Wildboyz” and “Grind”.

Wee Man has also appeared in some video games, mainly created by Tony Hawk, such as Pro Skater 4 and Underground 2. Thus, this source is also important when adding up to his fame as well as Wee Man net worth.

In 2007, Wee Man appeared in a TV show called “Armed and Famous”, where he appeared with stars such as Jack Osbourne and Erik Estrada. The show was about the stars that were trained to become police officers. Wee Man is best known from the screens on MTV, where he appeared not only on the show “Jackass”. He was also featured in another one, called “Scarred Live”.

In addition, Wee Man is also known from the TV show called “Celebrity Circus”. This show is about stars who try to learn tricks used in circus. After their performances, the contestants of the show receive comments from critics of the show. Wee Man has also stated that although some people state that “Celebrity Circus” and “Jackass” are similar, they are completely different. Also, Wee Man could not specify the show in which he got more pain. In addition, Wee Man has also released a DVD called “American Misfits”.

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