Wendy Williams net worth

Wendy Williams net worth

Net Worth: $17.5 Million

About Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams net worth

Wendy Williams Hunter is a wide profile American media personality and best-selling author. She is currently hosting her own radio program The Wendy Williams Show. Williams is well known for her on-air spats with various celebrities, including Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Will Smith and others. Wendy Williams net worth is currently estimated at $17.5 million dollars.

Wendy was the second child born in the family and has two siblings. She was raised in New Jersey and graduated from Ocean Township High School. In 1982 she enrolled into Northeastern University to study communications and graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree in 1986. While studying she worked as a DJ on the college campus radio WRBB. This job was the first step on the long career path that eventually led her to nationwide recognition and boosted Wendy Williams net worth to millions of dollars.

In 1989 she was hired by WRKS radio station as a substitute DJ and soon was promoted to host the morning show. While working there Wendy started spicing-up her show by giving dirty details on the celebrities’ personal lives. Within the year she was offered to host her own afternoon show, which eventually garnered Williams a Billboard Award for “Best On-Air Radio Personality”.

Although the curious audience loved her program and Wendy Williams net worth was growing at the enviable rate, her inclination to talk dirt about famous people without even making sure that the gossip she’s spreading has any real grounds earned her a lot of criticism by the celebrities themselves.

For example, 2Pac reacted to her claim that he was sexually abused while in jail by writing a song “Why You Turn on Me”, where he wished her to choke. Jay-Z criticised her interviewing style for asking 100 questions per minute and not giving time to respond. Another famous rapper Lil’ Kim dedicated Wendy a song entitled “Shut Up B***”, in which, to put it mildly, she suggested that Williams should get her facts straight before announcing them on the radio. Will Smith was more polite in his address to Wendy, but one could guess that his main point was not much different from those made by 2Pack and Lil’ Kim. In the song “Mr. Nice Guy” his lyrics said: “Wendy Williams, you don’t know me, I’m not your punching bag, you won’t blow me up. Girl better leave me alone, before I buy your radio station and send you home.”

The list of celebrities Wendy has attacked during her career is endless and describing all the spats would require a separate article. However, knowing that Wendy Williams net worth is currently estimated at $17.5 million and her show enjoys a nationwide popularity, one could say that public quarrels are a small price to pay for the success.

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