Wentworth Miller net worth

Wentworth Miller net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Miller net worth

Wentworth Miller is one of the most popular names in TV industry. He is known as an actor, screenwriter and model and these careers have increased Wentworth Miller net worth a lot, which currently has been announced to reach a sum of 4 million dollars. Wentworth Miller became well known when he began appearing in TV show called “Prison Break” on the Fox Network channel. In these series, Wentworth Miller was portraying a role of Michael Scofield and it was the role, which made Wentworth Miller known internationally. Also, this TV show is considered to be the one, which has added most of the revenues to Wentworth Miller net worth.

In addition to his career as an actor, Wentworth Miller is also known as a screenwriter. As a screenwriter, Wentworth Miller started his career in 2013 with the production of a movie called “Stoker”, which is a drama thriller. In this film, some high profile stars appeared, such as Nicole Kidman.

Wentworth Miller was born in England in 1972 to his mother who worked as a teacher and his father who was a lawyer and a teacher, as well. Wentworth Miller is known to have dual citizenships, however, he has always claimed that he is not English, but American.

When he was only 1 years old, Wentworth Miller moved to New York with his family. Later, their family moved to Pennsylvania. After graduating from high school, Wentworth Miller was studying at the Princeton University, where he was studying English Literature and got his BA degree in it.

In 1995, Wentworth Miller moved to Los Angeles, where he started his career in acting, which brought a lot of revenues to Wentworth Miller net worth. Although he stated that the beginning in it was not so successful, he could not give it up because he felt that it was going to be a part of his life. In 1998, Wentworth Miller debuted as a TV actor with his appearance in one episode of the TV show called “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. In this episode, Wentworth Miller starred as a student who turned into sea monster.

In 2002, Wentworth Miller appeared in “Dinotopia” on ABC channel. Before he appeared in “The Human Strain” in 2003, Wentworth Miller appeared in several TV shows and TV series mostly as a minor character. However, it was not until 2005, when he began getting a lot of attention for his appearance in the TV series “Prison Break”, which increased Wentworth Miller net worth a lot.

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