Wesley Snipes net worth

Wesley Snipes net worth

Net Worth: $1 Million

About Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes net worth

It has been stated that actor’s Wesley Snipes net worth reaches an estimate of 1 million dollars. In addition to being an actor, Wesley Snipes is also involved into the behind the scenes of the industry, where he works as a film producer. Moreover, Wesley Snipes is also known as a martial artist. To a lot of people, he is mostly known from the trilogy of Blade films.

In 1991, Wesley Snipes began his own production company which was called “Amen-Ra Films”. He also established a subsidiary of it called “Black Dot Media”. These production companies also add extra revenues to the overall amount of Wesley Snipes net worth.

Wesley Snipes was born in Florida to his mother who worked as a teacher’s assistant and his father who was an aircraft engineer. Although he was born in Florida, Wesley Snipes moved to live to New York, when he was only a child. When he was 23 years old, he appeared in a local competition and was soon discovered by a talent agent.
In 1986, he appeared in his first movie which was entitled “Wildcats”. In the same year, he was casted to appear in a TV show called “Miami Vice”, where he appeared in only one episode of it.

It was “Streetwise” and in it Wesley Snipes portrayed a role of a drug dealer. In 1987, the actor appeared in the film “Streets of Gold”.

Moreover, in the same year, Wesley Snipes was supposed to appear in the movie “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. However, the role which was supposed to go to Wesley Snipes finally was given to LeVar Burton.

Also, Wesley Snipes appeared in a music video by Michael Jackson called “Bad”. Because of his appearance in it, Wesley Snipes was noticed by Spike Lee. Thus, Wesley Snipes also appeared in a several movies made by Spike Lee. These films also increased Wesley Snipes net worth a lot.

It seems that a lot of roles of Wesley Snipes are related to bad guys or drug dealers. One of such roles was in a film called “Sugar Hill” released in 1994. He also starred in a film called “New Jack City”, where he portrayed a role of Nino Brown, a role which was created specifically for Wesley Snipes by Barry Michael Cooper. Although Wesley Snipes had more roles in action films and dramas, he has also appeared in a couple of comedy films, such as “Thanks for Everything” and “White Men Can’t Jump”, which also added revenues to Wesley Snipes net worth.

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