Whoopi Goldberg net worth

Whoopi Goldberg net worth

Net Worth: $45 Million

About Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg net worth

Whoopi Goldberg, real name Caryn Elaine Johnson, is a popular American actress, comedian, singer, political activist, talk show host and author. She rose to prominence in mid 1980s, right after her movie debut in The Color Purple. Whoopi’s portrayal of mistreated black woman named Celie in this film garnered her Golden Globe award and Oscar for Best Actress nomination. Her second major performance was in a box-office hit Ghost. For her role in this movie Goldberg received her first Academy Award for best Supporting Actress and won one more Golden Globe to add to her collection. Her most successful comic appearances were in the movies Sister Act, Made in America, Rat Race and Interrupted. Whoopi Goldberg net worth is currently estimated at $45 million.

Caryn was born in Manhattan, in a family of Robert James and Emma Johnson. Her mother was a nurse and briefly a teacher, while her father has worked as a clergyman. He soon walked away on his family and left Emma to raise their daughter alone. Years later Whoopi has described her mom as the strongest and smartest woman she has ever known.

Whoopi’s ancestors lived in America as long as anyone in her family could remember. The DNA test she had a few years ago revealed that some of her ancestors must have been Bayote and Papel people, who lived in a modern day Guinea-Bissau. It also revealed that around 9/10 of her ancestors originated from sub-Saharan region in Africa and 1/10 came from Europe.

According to the actress, her stage name Whoopi was taken from a practical joke device whoopee cushion. She chose Goldberg as her surname, because her mother, Emma, suggested that Johnson does not sound Jewish enough to make her a wealthy star. The story is probably more of a joke, and in the end it sure was not her surname that boosted Whoopi Goldberg net worth to millions of dollars. It was her talent for acting, ability to bring smile on people’s faces and her strong voice.
Whoopi Goldberg net worth growth started in early 1980s, when the young actress landed a role in Citizen: I’m not Losing My Mind, I’m Giving It Away.

In 1983 she performed in a one-woman show, entitled The Spook Show, which consisted of different monologues. Her talent has caught an eye of Mike Nicholas, who offered Whoopi to try her hand in Broadway. That’s where she was noted by Steven Spielberg, who was looking for actors for his movie The Color Purple. Following the success of this drama, Whoopi became in-demand Hollywood actress. She went on to appear in numerous comedy films and had none the less important dramatic roles. Some of her most notable movies include Clara’s Heart and Sister Act. These and the other movies are the primary source of Whoopi Goldberg net worth.

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whoopi goldberg net worth whoopi goldberg net worth whoopi goldberg net worth

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