Wil Wheaton net worth

Wil Wheaton net worth

Net Worth: $500 Thousand

About Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton net worth

It has been announced that the current sum of Wil Wheaton net worth is as much as 500 thousand dollars. He has accumulated such a net worth through his career as an actor. However, he is also known as a writer and a blogger and these two involvements also increase the total amount of Wil Wheaton net worth. Wil Wheaton is mostly known from a couple of TV series, including “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, where he portrayed a role of Wesley Crusher. Also, he is known from a popular TV show called “The Big Bang Theory”, where he is portraying himself in a fictionalized version. Wil Wheaton is also known from a couple of movies, such as “Stand by Me”, where he portrayed a character of Gordie Lachance. Also, he also appeared in a film called “Toy Soldiers”, where his role was as Joey Trotta. Thus, these appearances also added up to the overall sum of Wil Wheaton net worth.

Wil Wheaton was born in California in 1972. His mother was also involved into acting. His brother and sister are also aspiring actors. Both of them appeared in the series of “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

In addition, his sister was appearing with Wil Wheaton in “The Curse”. In 1981, Wil Wheaton appeared on TV, when he starred in a made for television film called “A Long Way Home”.
The first time he has appeared in cinema was in animated movie called “The Secret of NIMH”, where he played a role of Martin Brisby. The movie was released in 1982, thus only one year later after his first appearance on TV. Since that time, Wil Wheaton has appeared in many more TV as well as cinema productions, which increased the overall sum of Wil Wheaton net worth, as well.

However, it was in 1986 when he started to get more attention. It was because of his appearance in a film called “Stand by Me”. The movie was adapted according to the novel written by Stephen King, called “The Body”.

In 1987, he was casted for a role which made him even more popular, and it was in the TV series called “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. There he appeared till 1990, thus, he appeared in four first seasons of the show. Nevertheless, the show not only made him even more famous, but also increased his net worth by a mile.

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wil wheaton net worth wil wheaton net worth wil wheaton net worth

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