Will Arnett net worth

Will Arnett net worth

Net Worth: $12 Million

About Will Arnett

Will Arnett net worth

Will Arnett is known as an actor, who has been one of the most financially successful ones. It has been claimed that the current estimate of Will Arnett net worth reaches 12 million dollars. Will Arnett is a well known actor mainly from various TV shows and series. The ones from he is mostly known are “Arrested Development”, “The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret”, “30 Rock”, “The Millers” and “Up All Night”. Therefore, being an actor from TV series has added a lot to the total sum of Will Arnett net worth. In fact, for every episode of the show “Up All Night” he has been stated to get a payment of 75 thousand dollars. Therefore, this show is probably the one, which adds most of revenues to him out of those mentioned TV shows.

In addition to his appearances on TV, Will Arnett is also known as a movie actor. As such, he has appeared in films, such as “Blades of Glory”, “Hot Rod”, “The Brothers Solomon”, “RV”, “Let’s Go to Prison” and “Semi-Pro”. Therefore, being a movie star has also increased the overall amount of Will Arnett net worth.

Moreover, Will Arnett is also a well known voice actor, who has voiced many animation series, cartoons, as well as TV commercials.

Will Arnett was born in 1970 in Toronto. When he was a teenager, his mother motivated him to get involved into acting career and Will Arnett soon realized that he can be really successful in this career, and it eventually began to bring huge sums to the total amount of Will Arnett net worth.

Thus, in 1990, Will Arnett moved to New York, where his aim was to get more experience and knowledge about acting. In 1996, Will Arnett started his career as an actor in movies and TV productions. In 2003, Will Arnett was chosen for a role in the TV series called “Arrested Development”. Since his appearance in this TV show, he began getting more and more offers to appear in other TV series, which also increased his net worth by a mile.

Talking about his personal life, Will Arnett was married to Penelope Ann Miller, who is also an actress, in 1994. However, their marriage did not last long at all, since the couple divorced in 1995. Other actresses whom he has also been dating include Missy Yager as well as Amy Poehler.

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will arnett net worth will arnett net worth will arnett net worth

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