William Hung net worth

William Hung net worth

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

About William Hung

William Hung net worth

William Hung is quite a notable person in American music industry. It has been estimated that the current sum of William Hung net worth reaches as much as 1.5 million dollars. He became a huge star in the beginning of 2004, when he appeared on the TV show called “American Idol”. His performance of Ricky Martin’s song called “She Bangs” was more than phenomenal and because of it he became a huge national star. His performance was phenomenal in a more negative way, since he sang this song in an off-key tone.

When he auditioned for this show, William Hung was a student of civil engineering. When he appeared on this show, surprisingly he began to get more fans, and because of such a success, William Hung chose to quit his studies and get involved into music much more, which eventually became the main source of William Hung net worth.

He got popularity and recognition performance after performance and in 2004, William Hung signed a contract deal with Koch Entertainment, which started to promote the singer. On this label, William Hung released three albums, sales of which more or less added to the overall estimate of William Hung net worth.

However, William Hung would usually get negative comments from critics and his popularity sparked a lot of controversy.

Also, his fans were accused of making fun of Asian people, since performances of William Hung lacked musical talent, and so, it began to be believed that Asian people cannot sing. However, William Hung did not seem like he was paying much attention to these comments and he truly believed that he was finally living his dream of becoming a well known singer.

In 2011, William Hung stopped singing and this decision was made by William Hung himself. Although this career made him a nationally known star and increased William Hung net worth a lot, William Hung decided to get a job and started working as a technical crime analyst. William Hung also made a choice instead of pursuing a career as a musician to become involved into law enforcement.
However, William Hung still believes that his musical career was a positive thing in his life. William Hung was born in 1983 in Hong Kong, however, when he was 10 years old, he moved to New Jersey, the United States. Before he started to pursue career as a singer, William Hung was studying at University of California.

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