Woody Johnson net worth

Woody Johnson net worth

Net Worth: $3.5 Billion

About Woody Johnson

Woody Johnson net worth

Robert Wood Johnson IV, better known as Woody Johnson, is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist. His ancestors were the founders of medical equipment and pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson, which is currently worth some $110 billion dollars. Robert is also known as the owner of New York Jets, an American Football team on the National Football League. As for 2013, Woody Johnson net worth is estimated at $3.5 billion, making him one of the wealthiest businessmen in America.
Woody was born in New Jersey, in a family of Robert Wood Johnson III and Betty Wald Johnson. He was the first son born to Robert and Betty, thus inheriting the name that ran in his family for generations. Wood has four siblings, Keith, Billy, Elizabeth and Christopher. All of them currently enjoy incredible fortunes, comparable to Woody Johnson net worth. After graduation from Millbrook High School the future businessman earned a degree at the University of Arizona. Following this he took a job at Johnson & Johnson, hoping to learn the specifics of family business and eventually to take over the lead.

However, the life led Woody towards a different path. In 1978 he founded a private enterprise, known as Johnson Company, Inc. As the revenues from this business grew in geometric progression, so did Woody Johnson net worth.
In 2000 Robert decided that the best way to invest his fortunes would be buying a successful sports team. The billionaire purchased New York Jets for $635 million, outbidding his closest competitor, Charles Dolan, who was ready to pay $610 million. Had Charles won the bid, this would be the third team in his “collection”. The leader of Cablevision already owns Rangers and New York Knicks. In the mid-2000s Johnson got involved in a dirty scandal: Johnson Company was charged with tax evasion, which caused the government an estimated $300 million loss in revenue. Although at first the billionaire has denied his fault, he has recently declared his determination to pay the required tax and interest.
A considerable part of Woody Johnson net worth returned to the society in the form of various donations. Since the 1980s he was actively involved in numerous charitable organizations and projects. For example, Woody and some of his family members have participated in fund raising, that aimed to support the research and treatment of autoimmune diseases. Johnson’s efforts were partly motivated by his personal experiences. One of his daughters, Casey, was a diabetes patient. Besides her, Robert has two more kids: Daisy and Jamie. Their mother is Robert’s ex-wife, a former model Nancy Sale Johnson, who died in 2010. The following year Woody got married again, this time to the former actress Suzanne Ircha.

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