Yeardley Smith net worth

Yeardley Smith net worth

Net Worth: $55 Million

About Yeardley Smith

Yeardley Smith net worth

It has been officially said that the current amount of Yeardley Smith net worth reaches as high as 55 million dollars, which she has accumulated because of her successful involvement into acting business. In addition to being an actress, she has also worked as a voice actress, painter, comedian and writer. Yeardley Smith is mostly known to the public as a voice actress, and as such, she is well known from the animated TV show called “The Simpsons”, where she is a voice behind the character named Lisa Simpson. This animation has also served as one of the most important sources of Yeardley Smith net worth.

Yeardley Smith was born in Paris in 1964, but she moved to live to Washington when she was 2 years old. When she was growing up, Yeardley Smith was always teased by other kids because of the strange sound of her voice. In 1982, however, she made her dreams come true and became an actress. In 1984, Yeardley Smith moved to live to New York City, where she began to appear in Broadway productions and one of them was titled “The Real Thing”.

In 1985, Yeardley Smith debuted in a movie called “Heaven Help Us”.

After her appearance in this one, Yeardley Smith continued to appear on big screen and starred in two more movies, “Maximum Overdrive” and “The Legend of Billie Jean”.

In 1986, she moved to live to Los Angeles. The first show in which she appeared there was called “Brothers”. In 1987, she attended auditions to get a part in the animated series of “The Simpsons”. It is also worth mentioning that initially she was auditioning for the role of Bart Simpson. However, the producers of the show decided that her voice was too high for this character, thus, they gave her the role of Lisa Simpson – that for which she is mostly known today and which has added huge sums of money to Yeardley Smith net worth, as well. In 1992, the actress was awarded with the Primetime Emmy Award because of her successful role on this show. Thus, it also earned her recognition in the industry.

At the same time when she was filming for “The Simpsons”, Yeardley Smith has also starred in many other productions, such as “Dharma and Greg” and “Herman’s Head”. She is also known from a couple of movies, including “As Good as It Gets”, “Just Write” and “City Slickers”. These productions also added up to the overall size of Yeardley Smith net worth.

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