Yelawolf net worth

Yelawolf net worth

Net Worth: $3.5 Million

About Yelawolf

Yelawolf net worth

Yelawof is known as an American rapper and hip hop recording artist from Alabama. This career is regarded as the one, which made him a millionaire in the music industry. It has been announced that the current amount of Yelawof net worth reaches 3.5 million dollars. Yelawolf, whose real name is Michael Wayne Atha, is currently signed to two labels – Interscope Records and Shady Records. Furthermore, he has established his own independent record label, as well, which is called Slumerican.

In 2005, Yelawolf’s first studio album was released, which was titled “Creek Water”. Between the years 2005-2010, Yelawof also released four mixtapes as well as one extended play. All of these productions also increased the overall estimate of Yelawolf net worth and added much needed popularity and attention from media to him. The last mix tape was called “Trunk Muzik”, which made him even more popular. Also, because of it, Yelawolf got a chance to sign a record deal with the Interscope Records. Later in the same year as this album was released, Interscope Records re-released it and the album was titled “Trunk Muzik 0-60”.

In 2011, Yelawolf got another opportunity to sign with another record label. This time it was with Shady Records, which is owned by rapper Eminem. In the same year, his album under this label was released, which was titled “Radioactive”. The album proved to be quite a success. During the first week of its sales, it landed on the 27th position of the Billboard 200 album chart. The sales of it also added a lot of financial success to the total sum of Yelawolf net worth.

In 2013, a sequel to the previously mentioned album “Trunk Muzik” was released, which was titled “Trunk Muzik Returns”. It has been stated that in 2014 another album under the Shady Records label will be released, which is planning to be called “Love Story”. The sales of it are also said to increase Yelawolf net worth even more.

Yelawolf was born in Alabama, in 1979, but lived in many different states, as well, since his family was moving quite a lot. Yelawolf was born when his mother was a teenager – only 15 years old. Yelawolf has stated that his mother was usually partying and was addicted to cocaine, as well. A huge part of his life was spent in Tennessee. It was also the place, where Yelawolf started to get involved into music, which later became the main source of his net worth, too.

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