Yo Gotti net worth

Yo Gotti net worth

Net Worth: $3.5 Million

About Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti net worth

Yo Gotti, real name Mario Mims, is a famous southern rapper from the United States. Mario was born in Tennessee, the land of the greatest bourbon, and at first pursued career under a stage name Lil Yo.

Yo Gotti net worth is currently estimated at $3.5 million.

Mario debuted with an independent album, entitled From Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game, which was released in 2002. It included such tracks as “Wild”, “Bet You Can’t Do What We Do” and “Mack Maine Supreme”. The following year he released his second album, Self-Explanatory, and in 2003 his album Life reached the stores. This latter album finally brought Yo Gotti some attention in his hometown and made a first considerable contribution to Yo Gotti net worth. Especially popular was his song recorded in cooperation with Lil Jon, “Dirty South Soldiers”. Among the other tracks there was also one recorded featuring Kia Shine (“All I Ever Wanted to Do”), and the one featuring Lil’ Flip (“Get Down”). His last independent album, Back to the Basics, was even more successful than the one that came before. It featured such singes as “Shawty”, “Full Time”, “Gangsta Party” and “I Got ‘Em”.

Yo Gotti net worth growth shifted to the high gear fallowing the release of his first studio album, Live from the Kitchen. The albums leading single “5 Star” was the most popular of the tracks and peaked at No. 79 on Billboard Hot 100. It reached No. 19 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and climbed to No. 11 on Hot Rap Songs list. The song was later remixed, featuring Niki Minaj and Gucci Maine. Live from the Kitchen featured two more singles, “We Can Get It In” and “Woman Lie, Man Lie”. The whole album sold 12 thousand copies during the week after its release and went on to sell a total of nearly 100 copies. Since 2006 he also released a number of mixtapes, including Full Time Hustling, I Told You So, Cocaine Muzic, CM 5 (White Friday), CM6 (Gangster of the Year), January 10th and most recently, in 2012, Cocaine Muzic 7: The World is Yours.

The release of one of his mixtapes got Yo into the fight with his friend and a famous rapper Gucci Maine. For those who don’t know, this artist rose to the fame in 2005 with an album Hard to Kill and currently has a fortune that exceeds Yo Gotti net worth by more than $10 million. The whole conflict started because Yo decided to release his mixtape CM7: The World Is Yours on the same day as Maine planned to release his Trap God. The rapper got really mad, because he thought Gotti was doing that on purpose, trying to make an impression that the two rappers are somehow connected and use his popularity to sell his own records.

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yo gotti net worth yo gotti net worth yo gotti net worth

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