Yoko Ono net worth

Yoko Ono net worth

Net Worth: $500 Million

About Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono net worth

Yoko Ono is a Japanese avant-garde artist, peace activist, filmmaker, musician, pianist and singer, also known as a former wife of John Lennon, soul of the Beatles. The most characteristic feature of her New Wave music is politically engaging lyrics, often centering around the topics of feminism. Besides her art, Yoko is also known for launching and managing numerous philanthropic programmers, most notably- campaigns against war and HIV outreach programs. As for 2013 Yoko Ono net worth is estimated at $500 million, making her one of the richest woman in the world.

Yoko was born in Tokyo, in a family of Zenjiro Yasuda and Eisoko Ono. Her father, who was a talented pianist and banker, originated from an extremely wealthy and noble family. Yoko’s paternal grandfather, Yasuda Zenjiro, was a founder of a financial conglomerate Yasuda zaibatsu, one out of for greatest business conglomerates in the Empire of Japan. As assured by Ono herself, Zenjiro was a distant relative of the Emperor. One could safely say that with such influential relatives, Yoko Ono net worth was doomed to reach an impressive height.

The name “Yoko” translated into English literally means “the child of ocean”. Ono met her father when she was already able to walk and talk. By the time she was three years old her mother moved to live to San Francisco, where Eisaco was heading Yokohama Specie Bank. Ono’s first acquisition with the United States did not last for long. When the girl turned 4 her father was transferred back to Japan and his family followed him to the other shore of the ocean.

Through the following years Ono’s family was travelling back and forth, from Japan to America and home again. Unfortunately, the family happened to stay in the island during the great fire bombing in 1945. They were safe hiding in the bunker in a remote region of Azuru, but the period was still not an easy one. Although back in Tokyo Yoko Ono net worth, or to be more precise- her family’s fortune, was counted in millions, the goods and capital they brought to the bunker soon expired and the kids were forced to beg for food. In one of her interviews Ono has stated that it was during this period that she developed her wild and aggressive character.

In 1966 Ono met her future husband, the famous singer and songwriter, John Lennon. At the time the two met, Lennon already had a wife named Cynthia. He invited Ono to visit him in his apartment while Cynthia was enjoying her holiday in Greece. She came back home just in time to find Yoko and her husband sitting in bathhouses, drinking tea. Needless to say Cynthia and John divorced soon after and the newly made couple got married by the end of decade. Unfortunately, Yoko Ono net worth did not bring her happiness. Yoko’s beloved husband was shot by a deranged fan in 1980.

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