Young Dro net worth

Young Dro net worth

Net Worth: $500 Thousand

About Young Dro

Young Dro net worth

Young Dro is known as a rapper. He is also regarded by a lot of people as one of the most likely to succeed in the industry and it can also be proven by the fact that his fame is increasing every year. Moreover, Young Dro net worth is also increasing and today it is known that his net worth reaches as much as 500 thousand dollars.

Although today it might seem that he is one of the most promising rappers in the industry, his start in life was not as good. Young Dro, as a kid, was living in the housing projects in Atlanta. He was also born in quite a huge family – he was the second child of his mother, who has 5 kids. If that seems a lot, it can be denied by the fact that from his father’s side, Young Dro was the middle kid out of 21 children.

His mother was the one who was working a lot in order to support the family financially. Moreover, when growing up, Young Dro was moving quite a lot from one housing project to another one. In addition to that, when he was a teenager, Young Dro was shot in a stomach and as a result of that, he could not walk for a year. Later, he started to get into troubles and most of his teenage years were spent in jail.

Thus, before he became a well known rapper, Young Dro was living in poor conditions, suffered a deadly incident and had many issues with legal system.

However, all this time he was involved into rapping, which he began in 9th grade. Thus, since that time he has come a long way and today rapping is the main source of Young Dro net worth, which brings thousands of dollars to him. However, Young Dro never thought about becoming a popular rapper, he did that only for fun.

However, it all changed when he was motivated by his friend to create a rapping band called Kris Kross. In the end of the 90s, Young Dro started collaborating with rapper Raheem the Dream. In 2002, he was signed to his record label and released his debut album under it, which was called “I Got That Dro”. Therefore, the sales of the album also added up to the overall estimate of Young Dro net worth. Also, it was the time when he started going by his stage name of Dro.

Now you have an idea why Young Dro net worth is this huge

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