Youtube net worth

Youtube net worth

Net Worth: $1 Billion

About Youtube

Youtube net worth

Youtube is one of the most popular websites of today. There have been a lot of questions and disputes related to the total sum of Youtube net worth. A lot of people are wondering from time to time how much Youtube makes per year. Probably al people, who have access to the internet, have visited this website and have wondered the previously mentioned question.

However, when having that question in mind, Youtube net worth can mean quite different things. One of the meanings could be the net worth of people, who are posting videos on the website, whereas another meaning could refer to the actual Youtube net worth, which is an amount, which the actual company earns.

When having in mind the first meaning, it has been stated that one person who posts videos on the channel can earn approximately 100 thousand dollars per year. This sum seems to be extremely high, when, for example, one takes into consideration the fact that a worker of Seattle software receives 90 thousand dollars as his annual payment and, in fact, he is doing a hard work, whereas all a Youtube user has to do is to post a video on his channel.

Nevertheless, having said that, making videos and posting them on the channel does not always seem like an easy job, especially when making high quality video material. Also, there is a formula, according to which Youtube channel owners are getting paid, it includes their earning potential, which is estimated according to a number of subscribers of the channel, and adding up the total number of views of the channel’s videos. The sum seems to be quite high, knowing the fact that good videos are usually watched thousands of times as well as channels have thousands of subscribers.

Thus, in this sense, Youtube net worth is extremely high and might reach six figures. However, channel owners do not only get paid, but they also get international fame and success. A lot of today’s stars have started their careers exactly on the channel, such stars are the following: Justin Bieber, Marie Digby, Amber Lee Ettinger, Adam Bahner, Kina Grannis, Liam Kyle Sullivan and some others.

Talking about another meaning of Youtube net worth, that of the company, the earnings seem not that high as, for example, earnings of Microsoft, but it is getting extremely close to those numbers. In 2010, it was stated that the net worth of Youtube reached 1 billion dollars.

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youtube net worth

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