Zach Braff net worth

Zach Braff net worth

Net Worth: $22 Million

About Zach Braff

Zach Braff net worth

Zach Braff is one of the most well known TV stars. He is probably mostly known from the TV show called “Scrubs”, which is known all around the world. Also, for every episode of the show he has been stated to receive 350 thousand dollars, which increases Zach Braff net worth a lot. Currently, his net worth has been estimated to be as high as 22 million dollars. In addition to being an actor, Zach Braff is known as a producer, director and writer, which also add a lot of revenues to the total amount of Zach Braff net worth.

Talking about the show for which he is mostly known, Zach Braff portrays a role of Dr. John Dorian. When the show was at its peak, Zach Braff was also considered as the highest paid actor on television. For his appearance in the show’s seventh season, Zach Braff was stated to earn 3.85 million dollars. In addition, as a director, he worked on seven episodes of “Scrubs”.

Talking about him as working behind the scenes, Zach Braff worked as a director and writer of the movie called “Garden State’. He not only worked on it as a director and writer, but also appeared in it.

What is even more interesting is that the movie cost 2.5 million dollars, but scored 36 million dollars in the box office, which also increased the overall amount of Zach Braff net worth. Also, Zach Braff filmed the movie in his hometown in New Jersey, where he came back just for shooting it. The movie also received a lot of positive comments and is one of the best rated films on the Rotten Tomatoes website. However, another important fact about the film is that “Garden State” had a very limited release in cinemas, but it became very popular, when the DVD of the movie was released. The sales of it proved to be really high. For the soundtrack of this movie, Zach Braff became the winner of the Grammy award.

In spring of 2013, it was announced that Zach Braff is planning to shoot another film, which is going to be titled “Wish I Was There” and was launching a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise money necessary for shooting the movie. The movie is predicted to also reach a lot of success and it is believed that it is going to also increase Zach Braff net worth a lot.

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