Zane Lowe net worth

Zane Lowe net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Zane Lowe

Zane Lowe net worth

Zane Lowe is a well known DJ. He has worked as such on radio as well as in live shows. In addition, he is a TV show host and record producer. All of these involvements have increased the total amount of Zane Lowe net worth, which has been stated to be 5 million dollars, as of right now.
He started his career in music when he was living in New Zealand. In 1997, Zane Lowe moved to the United Kingdom. There, he started to get more recognition when he became a host on MTV Europe and XFM. These first jobs began to increase the overall estimate of Zane Lowe net worth, as well. In the period of 2003-2015, his name became even more known when he began to host a new global music program on BBC Radio 1.
Currently, he has his own show on Apple’s international radio, which has also increased the current sum of Zane Lowe net worth. In addition, Zane Lowe is a live performing DJ who has appeared in a lot of concerts and has worked as an opening act for many groups. Zane Lowe is living with his family in Los Angeles with his wife named Kara and their two kids.
Zane Lowe was born in 1973 in Auckland, New Zealand.

There, he worked in a local radio station called Max TV. When he moved to England, his career as a DJ improved a lot and he was hired to work in more and more radio stations. At first, he got a job position at the Record and Tape Exchange in Notting Hill. Then, he joined the staff of XFM, where he became a host of the program called “Music Response”. In 2003, he started to work on BBC Radio 1, which not only made his recognized internationally but also increased the total amount of Zane Lowe net worth.
Zane Lowe has become a successful international DJ. He has played music in a lot of festivals, such as Bestival, Coachella, Future Music Festival held in Australia and Creamfields. Moreover, Zane Lowe has been an opening act and toured with such artists as Kasabian, Skrillex, The Weeknd, The Prodigy, Foo Fighters and Muse. In addition, the DJ is the Musical Director for Ibiza and Mallorca Rocks. In 1997, he became a host of the show called “Up 4 It” on MTV Two. Two years later, he began hosting another show on this channel, called “Brand:New”. In the period of 2002-2015, he was a presenter of the show called “Gonzo”. Thus, his work on the channel has made him more known and also added up to the overall sum of Zane Lowe net worth.
Then, in 2003, Zane Lowe started to work on BBC Radio 1, where he had a show until 2015. Quite a few features were soon added to his hosting show, called “Masterpieces”, “Zane Lowe Meets”, which included interviews, and “Hottest Record in the World Right Now”. On the show, he interviewed many artists, such as Eminem, Jay Z, Chris Martin and Kanye West.

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