Ziggy Marley net worth

Ziggy Marley net worth

Net Worth: $10 Million

About Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley net worth

Ziggy Marley is one of the most well known musicians from Jamaica. Thus, music has been the main source of Ziggy Marley net worth, which has been stated to reach 10 million dollars. Ziggy Marley has accumulated his net worth through his involvement into the band called Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. Moreover, he is known not only because of his involvement into music, but also for his family relations. Ziggy Marley is a son of reggae music legend, Bob Marley.

In 1979, Ziggy Marley and his siblings collaborated with Bob Marley into recording a song called “Children Playing in the Streets”. Thus, this collaboration started to be called The Melody Makers. The band played on many occasions, one of such also being the death of Bob Marley.

The band’s first record was called “Play the Game Right”. The album was not reggae kind of album, as the bands members’ father’s music was, but was focused on pop music. However, the label to which the band was sign always wanted to make Ziggy Marley as a solo act.

Therefore, The Melody Makers signed a contract deal with Virgin Records.

Under this label, the band released the album called “Conscious Party”. It became a huge success and the sales of it also increased the total estimate of Ziggy Marley net worth. Other albums of the band also became wide successes, such as “Jahmekya” and “One Bright Day”.

However, in the 1990s, The Melody Makers success decreased, as did the sales of their following albums “Free Like We Want 2 Be” and “Joy and Blues”. It was also about that time when Ziggy Marley got involved into politics and started working with the United Nations. Also, he founded his own record company called Ghetto Youths Crew, which also became one of the sources of Ziggy Marley net worth.

In 2003, Ziggy Marley released his first album as a solo singer called “Dragonfly”. Three years later, a second album of him was released called “Love Is My Religion”. In fact, this second album was released under his label called Tuff Gong Worldwide. The album featured a reggae sound and it was also awarded with the Grammy award for the Best Reggae Album. This winning also became Ziggy Marley’s 4th Grammy award. In 2009, the third album of Ziggy Marley was released, which was titled “Family Time”. The album includes voices of his other family members as well as friends.

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